Our work ensures that life-saving drugs and medical devices get to market faster.
Our main areas of expertise include scientific data, bioinformatics and cheminformatics.
In these domains,

we specialize in developing software for R&D and deploying our solutions in the form of desktop and web applications in order to solve real-world problems on behalf of our clients.
In addition, we also employ these methods in concert with other bioinformatics and statistical techniques to enable data and literature driven discoveries
in support of life sciences research.
the ideal partner for companies embarking on new drug launches where digital is a major differentiator and core marketing component.
with an interest in increasing and improving digital data in the lab environment.
we can take any source code on any

Lead the strategy for the introduction and development of key IT applications within the Analytical Services laboratories
(e.g. electronic lab notebook, chromatography data system, inventory & sample management, data storage and archiving)
we always carry out training on software

We are prefer long-term partnerships and do always more than client expected.
We are optimistis and perfections

Ability to think creatively and intergrate everthing

And we are good at this.
Our operational development center based in Russia help us to offer affordable and predictable prices for our services.