Our typical clients are CROs in Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical chemistry industries.
For instance, your company is providing support to the Big Pharma, and you need to develop the specific software from the ground up (Full cycle product development) or improve in-house system to satisfy customer requirements.
We collaborate with your IT groups and best agile practices to deliver best solution.
We are working for innovative companies and considering about efficiency of tools within the small team is force us use only the cutting edge stack and permanently increase technology skills.
We prefer to help drive innovation and performance within the small team.
You don’t have to waste time hiring and training developers for short-term projects. Our team can start to develop almost immediately and we are available 24 hours.
We noticed small software development teams have proved efficient in design software solutions in HealthCare/Pharmaceutical field.
Hope, it helps in distinguishing you amongst the other CROs.
We have been focusing on developing solutions for organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and drug discovery.
We have 50 years experience in the development of software for R&D totally.
Excellent background of our team in molecular biology, chemical engineering and huge experience in these fields leverages to design tailored solutions.
Our view from the outside sometimes helps to increase client productivity.

When you outsource?

it requiers Specific functionality development: to help you extend the offering,
we create additional features or applications for your product which require certain development skills – for example, a mobile version,

We are fluent in big data management tools, analytics software and excellent understanding of medicinal chemistry and drug discovery processes help us
developing modern software to answer scientific questions with clients and public data

When you need Team augmentation.
When you need You need consulting Participate in technical oversight for large LIMS projects.